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Optometrist-Lead Exercises for Vision Problems

Though the most common vision problems (including myopia and hyperopia) are caused by eye anatomy, these aren’t the only types of vision problems. Some problems occur because the eyes are unable to effectively transmit visual information to the brain.

Vision therapy uses carefully curated, optometrist-lead exercises to teach your eyes and your brain to work together effectively as a team, acting like physical therapy for your eyes.

Do you think you, or your child, might benefit from vision therapy? Speak to your optometrist about getting a referral during your next appointment.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy uses a series of exercises, which are supervised by an optometrist or other licensed eye care professional, to train your eyes and brain to work together as a team, correcting select vision problems and improving your visual skills.

Aids such as glasses and contact lenses can correct refractive errors, and procedures such as laser eye surgery can be used to alter your eye’s anatomy. Vision therapy is a non-surgical exercise routine that trains your visual system to work correctly, improving your vision.

Vision therapy is primarily used to correct binocular and other vision problems that can’t be corrected using glasses, contact lenses, or surgery alone.

Vision therapy involves using exercises chosen by your optometrist to address your visual needs and strengthen your visual system. These exercises are repeated regularly, and depending on the exercises, may incorporate aids such as metronomes, prisms, balance boards, and other instruments.

What Problems Can Vision Therapy Correct?

Vision therapy can be used to help correct a wide array of vision problems, including:

  • Accommodative (focusing) disorders
  • Amblyopia (commonly called lazy eye)
  • Binocular vision problems (including some forms of strabismus)
  • Digital eye strain
  • Eye movement disorders (particularly those triggered by close-focusing tasks)
  • Developmental disorders and brain injuries, including concussions and strokes

Could I Benefit From Vision Therapy?

If you think that either you, or your child, might benefit from vision therapy, please speak to your optometrist during your next appointment.

If your optometrist feels that vision therapy may be beneficial, they will refer you to a licensed vision therapy specialist.

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