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Researchers have found that frequent up-close activities, like staying indoors, reading, or using digital devices, is contributing to the rapid rise of childhood myopia.

Myopia develops throughout your child’s life, progressively getting worse as they reach their teen years. If left untreated, it can affect their ability to perform at school or even play sports. With the help of our trained team of doctors, we can help your child find strategies to manage their myopia progression.

If you are looking for specific advice to address your child’s myopia development risk, visit https://www.mykidsvision.org/en-us for a quick 6 question survey.

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Myopia & It’s Risks

Myopia can increase the risk of developing various vision-threatening eye conditions and diseases, including glaucomacataracts, and macular degeneration. At the same time, myopia can increase the risk of experiencing retinal detachment and permanent vision loss (4 to 5 times more likely with mild myopia, and 10 times more likely with severe).

In fact, some studies show that more than 50% of retinal detachments (not related to trauma) are connected to myopia.

Managing Myopia

Parents and caregivers should recognize myopia management as part of their child’s eye health. The objective of our treatment is to slow or even stop myopia’s progression and provide a way to help children maintain their quality of life. For the best results, treatment should start as soon as possible.

Please book an appointment today if your child is developing vision problems. Their expertise can provide your child a treatment plan that can help slow or even stop their myopia progression.

See the additional ways Myopia Management can be controlled.

Getting a Treatment Plan

For a treatment plan that is based on the latest research and tools, please book an appointment today. We design our treatments to be non-invasive, and can include customized contact lenses and special prescription eye drops perfectly paired to meet your child’s needs.

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