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Regular Eye Exams Safeguard Your Child’s Vision

Your child relies on their vision to learn, and not just inside the classroom. That means that undiagnosed or untreated vision problems could interfere with your child’s ability to learn effectively.

Annual eye exams are vital for safeguarding your child’s vision and give your child’s optometrist the opportunity to detect and track subtle changes in their vision and eye health that may indicate problems are forming.

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Childhood Vision Problems

Small children, in particular, aren’t always able to effectively communicate when something is wrong, and may not even realize they are experiencing vision problems. That’s why it’s up to parents and caregivers to keep an eye out for signs of trouble.

Untreated vision problems can hamper your child’s development, so it’s critical that any problems are addressed promptly.

Your child may be experiencing problems with their vision if they:

  • Blink excessively
  • Squint frequently
  • Rub their eyes frequently
  • Often tilt their head to one side or cover one eye
  • Complain of double vision
  • Complain of frequent headaches
  • Have trouble staying on task
  • Avoid detailed tasks
  • Avoid reading or other activities that depend on close vision
  • Need to use their finger to guide them while reading
  • Often lose their place while reading
  • Have a misaligned eye

If you suspect that your child might be having problems with their vision, you should make an appointment with their optometrist as soon as possible.

AOA Children’s Eye Exam Schedule

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that children undergo their first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 12 months old, and go for a second eye exam between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.

Children should have their eyes examined at least once more before they begin kindergarten and then visit the optometrist annually once they are in school. Depending on your child’s unique vision and eye health needs, their optometrist may suggest they have their eyes examined more frequently.

For more information about children’s eye exams, and their importance, please speak to your child’s optometrist during their next appointment.

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